Hello Lovelies,

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and say hello. I’m Brenna, the face behind the flowers. I run my business with the help, love, and support of my family. My husband Dave, and my six month old daughter Addison are my whole world. In this industry, I aim to assist my clients with all their floral needs, from designing to delivering, all of my products are individually outstanding. Flowers are inspirational. To this day I don’t think my husband truly understands how I feel when he gives me flowers, and what it means to me. Flowers are nostalgic. I flash back to my younger years with my Great Grandmother. As a child I sat admiring the long stems of her Orchids; inhaling the fragrance of her Garden Roses. Flowers are bliss. I still remember my mother’s own bouquet and how I adored them. Flowers are special. The gift of flowers goes beyond a simple transaction, it connects people and allows them to feel exceptional. We have the power, though flowers, to brighten someone’s day. I am passionate about creating those same joyful moments and memories. Flowers are reminiscent. And for me, it all begins with my clients.